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Handmade “Prayer Type” Piller Candles Candles with Creative Labels that smell amazing.

With the goal of creating specialty candles influenced by pop culture, art, goth, emo and funny typographic print without compromising everything you would need in a scented candle.
Having always utilized candles as decorative items both for their light and for their presence, it seemed rare to find scents and imagery specific to these interests.
We believe most of us are Motivated by the desire to possess individuality and macabre items that is why we created this specialty collection of Prayer Type Scented Candles that we would love in our own homes.
All Of our Candles Have a 100+ Hours of Burn Time, Works great against pet odors, cigar odors, Made with all natural Hemp Wicks that are safe for the environment.
Our Candles are made with blended soy wax is made from a renewable and biodegradable resource, which is environmentally friendly. Our blended soy candles are soot and smoke free. Enjoy!


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